GB5: Introduced to the La Marzocco family in 2005, the GB5 was designed as the espresso machine for ‘elegant’ and ‘classic’ cafés and espresso bars.

 Living up to its reputation the GB5 is aesthetically pleasing, the curves, lines and simplistic yet elegant face panels provide a perfect centrepiece to any espresso bar. La Marzocco manufactured the GB5 with the barista in mind, the dual boiler system is driven by the user through the two on-board algorithm-based PID’s which aid in delivering perfectly tempered water for both steam and espresso brewing. The saturated group heads provides consistent thermal stability for every extraction.

The GB5 is available in 2,3 and 4 group models and there are three variations of machine operations, AV- Automatic, EE- semi-automatic and the MP- Mechanical Paddle. For the enthusiast who would like to change the look of their La Marzocco GB5 there are various options available including- Barista lights, Auto-steam upgrade and the option of customising the body panel colour to suit you café/ espresso bar.

FB80: The FB80 was manufactured to commemorate La Marzocco’s 80th Anniversary and to recognise the founding brothers, ‘FB’ stands for ‘Fratelli (brothers) Bambi’. The FB80 has integrated dual algorithm-based PID taking this machine to a completely different level allowing complete temperature control of both the steam and brew boilers. Stainless steel insulated dual boilers, saturated group heads are complimented by a Pre-Heating system that raises the temperature of the water before it enters the brew boiler to increase productivity. The La Marzocco FB80 is available in 2, 3 or 4 groups with Automatic, Semiautomatic and Manual Paddle options available, there are endless possibilities to personalise this beautifully hand-crafted machine by adding Barista Lights, Cup Warmer, Auto-Steam, High Legs as well as having the option to choose a customised colour from the RAL colour chart.

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