The GS3 has been released to bring an added touch of ‘class’ to the home, office or semi-commercial environment of a coffee enthusiast. The GS3 replicates the experience of using a multi-group commercial machine in your own home/office, being available in both automatic (av) and mechanical paddle (mp) the users have the latest in La Marzocco technology and manufacturing packed into a single group masterpiece.

Since the release of the GS3 it has made its way from homes and offices into small cafés, coffee carts and pop up stalls. With the option to plumb directly into mains or run off the 3.5 litre water tank it makes it adaptable to any environment. The GS3 has an internal pump and dual insulated boilers to provide temperature stability during operation while aiding in reducing the energy consumption. Dual PID temperature controls give the user the option to control the temperature of both brew and steam boilers, the numerous options to customise side panels can make the beautiful machine a centrepiece in any environment. 

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