Strada EP


An iconic masterpiece, the ‘Strada ep’ (electronic paddle) has been designed to allow users to have complete control of pressure profiling throughout the entire brewing process.

Electronic controlled gear pumps at each of the groups provide direct and precise pressure control during the extraction allowing the barista to create the ‘perfect profile’ to enhance sweetness and brightness while maintaining a balance of body and acidity. The Strada ep also offers the option to program up to 4 brewing profiles to assist in consistency when reproducing the extraction time after time, the USB update allows profiles to be saved and updated at any time.

With each of the groups having its own boiler users can adjust individual temperatures via the individual PID’s. Exposed saturated group heads, adjustable deep drain tray (suits variety of cup sizes), individual LCD with ‘real time pressure and shot timer’, solenoid lever steam actuation and auto-backflushing program provides the barista with cutting-edge technology at their fingertips.

The Strada ep is available in 2 and 3 groups with upgrade options available if you prefer a customised colour scheme. 

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